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About 3DmKits

What is 3DmKits?

3DmKits is the 3D models store



3DmKits is popular in industry 3D assets provider. It started operating in 2004 as Panda Multimedia company.
Company in addition to 3D models, used to create websites, 3D visualizations and architectural animations.
Also collaborated with the British company Micazook, producing games for mobile devices.
Since 2010, the company has been focused on 3D models for sale under the nickname 3D Multimedia, then 3DmKits.

3DmKits specializes in 3D models for kitbashing and complete, ready to use scenes. Our products are used in many projects around the world, both by individual artists and large companies such as Sony or Netflix. Our models helped build 3D worlds in movies, games, VR simulators, TV productions or
advertising. Many of the products became a sales hit making them the favorite choice of customers in their respective categories.


Like most of the suppliers of 3D assets, we decided to use an external sales platform. From the beginning of our activity we are associated with Turbo Squid, which hosts our models as well as sales support. Thanks to this you receive:


  • 3D models with CheckMate quality certificate,
  • FREE conversion to other formats, ALL applications on the market,
  • enhanced license,
  • ONE PRICE FOR EVERY LICENCE there is no reason you should pay more just because you have a bigger company, 
  • Indemnification up to $10,000 at standard license,
  • 24/7 support,
  • simple returns,








How to buy your products?
  • At this moment 3D models by 3DmKits are only available on TurboSquid – directly or through our website. Just click on “Buy on TS” button on product page and you will be redirected to the product on TS.


Can you publish product on another marketplace (CGTrader, Unreal Marketplace etc.) for me?
  • No. 3DmKits participates in the exclusive sale program through TurboSquid.


Is it possible to get your product for free?


I am a 3D modeller who is looking for orders.
  • If you are a modeler specializing in architecture, we can cooperate.


Why are the descriptions of your products on this website slightly different from those on Turbo Squid?
  • TurboSquid has some restrictions on sellers, which makes it difficult to edit descriptions. They also cannot present products in the way we have on our website. Therefore, full product descriptions with additional pictures or videos will always be available here.