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Our Standards

How we create our products?

Quality and standards of models


To make working with 3D models comfortable


We understand that you care about time and trouble free work with additional 3D models. Therefore, we follow two principles:


  • ease of use,

  • easy to edit,


We try to make our products as useful as possible and to ro fit your projects.

  • scenes are always full environments where you can move in all directions, with complete renderer settings,
  • models are grouped, sorted on layers,
  • no annoying multimaterials, so there is no problems with Obj and FBX,
  • no external plugins or specialized options / modifiers that could cause problems in other version of the application or when converting to other applications. If V-Ray is used, the standard renderer version is also added,
  • unique model design,
  • sensible naming of objects, textures and materials, making it easier to work with the scene using layers, groups, etc.


In addition, we adhere to the following specification:


  • no errors,
  • real scale,
  • mostly quads, we avoid triangles in topology,
  • no isolated or coincident vertices,
  • no coplanar faces,
  • no unnecessary objects in scene like helpers, cameras (if not needed) etc.