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CITY Kit vol. 1

$ 399.00

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3ds Max (native format), 3ds Max V-Ray, FBX, OBJ






CIY KIT vol. 1

This kit is made for those who want to quickly build city scenes without having to work with small kit parts or build models from the scratch.


This extended bundle includes several kits - everything what you need for kitbashing in one package:


  • 3 complete city scenes,
  • Collection of 45 buildings,
  • Collection of 34 street elements,
  • Streets kit,
  • Highways kit,
  • Highways type B kit,


The 3d city scenes in this set are modular - you can expand base scene by copy streets, buildings or entire city blocks.
The collection of building models includes various type of buildings like office buildings, apartment houses, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and warehouses for industrial disctrict.

Medium polycount, good topology of mesh, models and scenes are very light in viewports.


The purchased set includes the following formats:

  • 3ds Max - standard .max version with standard materials,
  • 3ds Max V-Ray - this is a version for V-Ray renderer, with V-Ray materials, scenes are ready to render (lights, renderer settings),
  • FBX and Obj - exported formats without light. Textures and UV's are included,


The images in the gallery have been rendered from the V-Ray version scenes,



Mesh topology without ngons and low polycount of models.


  • no isolated or overlapped vertices,
  • no overlapped faces,
  • mostly quads (96,7%)
  • real worlds scale (meters), objects at 100% scale at object level,
  • no extraneous, unnecessary objects etc.
  • objects are grouped, models are ready to merge into the scene,




  • City Scene 1 - 4 490 367,
  • City Scene 2 - 1 449 191,
  • City Scene 3 - 3 610 636,
  • Buildings - 371 734 polygons (all models),
  • Streets kit - 59 638,
  • Street elements kit -71 771,
  • Highways kit - 23 679,
  • Highways Type B kit -16 381,



  • each object has only one material assigned to it (no annoying Multi/Sub-Object materials),
  • no duplicated materials and textures in the scene,
  • understandable names of objects, textures and materials,