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DYSTOPIA Kit – build your own ruined city 3d model

$ 99.00

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3ds Max (native format), 3ds Max V-Ray, FBX





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DYSTOPIA KIT - for ruined city 3d model

Dystopia Kit is a set for creating extensive scenes of ruined city in a dystopian style.

The unique design deserves attention here. Dystopia is a vision of a technologized, developed world that has collapsed. So we have a post apo here, but it's a futuristic, sci-fi city. Something rare in the 3D assets industry.
Modern skyscrapers, futuristic structures, industrial elements merge with classic sidewalks, streets, and highways.

Dystopia kit is intended for creating extensive 3D scenes for long-range film shots. Models are simple and very light in viewports.
The city scene is a large environment with city blocks, ruined highways on the burned ground with fouled lakes.
The scene is prepared for rendering in V-Ray, including atmospheric and Video Post set. To keep scene light, debris models are not scattered in the scene as default.


This kit is not only ruined building 3D models collection, but a complete set for creating scenes. Check out the kitbash video at the bottom of this page.


Kit contents

  • 3D Models Kit - set of models of buildings, elements, modular streets, and highways,
  • City Blocks Kit - set of 20 ready city blocks to speed up the process of creating your city scenes,
  • Ready to use complete scene,


The purchased set includes the following formats

  • 3ds Max - standard version with standard materials, (for scene - atmospheric effects, video post set, no light),
  • 3ds Max V-Ray version - with V-Ray materials, (scenes are ready to render - light and renderer settings, atmospheric effects, Video Post set),
  • FBX version - exported formats without light. Textures and UV's are included,


The images in the gallery have been rendered from the V-Ray version scene.



POLYCOUNT for city scene

  • scene - 4.432.442 polygons,
  • town in the ceneter - 1147.036 polygons,
  • ground object - 228.004 polygons,
  • higways - 126.150 polygons,
  • low poly buildings scattered on background - 11.107 polygons,



There are 96 textures for the whole set.