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3ds Max, 3ds Max V-Ray (native format), FBX, OBJ






DESTROYED CITY - Ruined City 3D Model

Complete Scene


This is complete destroyed city 3D scene from our "FALL" kit (which is available here). Classic style. The scene was made in a way that allows rendering from multiple shots.
This is detailed environment with all settings, prepared for render.

Scene contains 3D models of ruined buildings, streets with elements, dead trees, car wrecks, scattered debris, etc.


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The images in the gallery have been rendered from the V-Ray version scene. These are raw renders, no post production.



The scene is provided in the file formats listed below:


  • 3ds Max - standard .max version with standard materials, atmospheric effects, no light,
  • 3ds Max V-Ray - this is a version for V-Ray renderer, with V-Ray materials, scene is ready to render (lights, renderer settings, atmospheric effects),
  • FBX and Obj - exported formats. Textures and UV's are included,


FBX and Obj formats works fine, mesh without bugs, textures mapped correctly. Skydomes included, no light and atmospheric effects,




The scene was made according to the following quality standards:


  • real world scale,
  • mostly quads,
  • each object has only one material assigned to it (no annoying Multi/Sub-Object materials),
  • no duplicated materials and textures in the scene,
  • understandable names of objects, textures and materials,
  • models are well sorted using groups and layers,



  • whole scene - 3.849.394 polygons,
  • scene without debris on streets - 3.551.460 polygons,





There are 143 textures in dimensions:

6400x3600, 5500x3300, 4800x4800, 4400x4400, 3400x3400, 3200x4048, 3600x3600, 2400x1600,
2400x2400, 2200x2200, 2048x2048,
1400x1400, 800x800,2048x6784 (asphalt), 800x618,
1024x1024, 640 x 395, 640 x 318, 512 x 512, 2048 x 6784, 2200 x 726, 4096 x 907, 1600 x 1124, 1600 x 3500,