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Ruined City 3D Model

$ 349.00

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3ds Max, 3ds Max V-Ray (native format), Blender, FBX, OBJ





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FALL KIT - for ruined city 3d models

Complete Scene and collection for kitbashing


The "Fall" is a kit for creating post-apocalyptic destroyed city 3d scenes.
For comfortable kitbashing, we have prepared as many as 130 elements plus 2 complete scenes. The kit includes:


  • highly detailed models of buildings,
  • modular streets,
  • modular highway,
  • debris models,
  • wrecks,
  • street elements,
  • field with scattered ruins - you can use it as scene base or bend it to make hills of debris, like on preview render,
  • 2 complete scenes of ruined city,


Included 3D scenes of ruined city are prepared for renders or walk through animations.
These scene is constructed as a complete environment with light and all settings, ready to render. The streets are cracked, covered with debris and lots of detail.
Scenes uses most of 3D models from kit - ruined buildings, streets with elements, dead trees, car wrecks, scattered debris, etc.


The kit is provided in the file formats listed below:


  • 3ds Max - standard .max version with standard materials, (scenes - atmospheric effects, no light,)
  • 3ds Max V-Ray - this is a version for V-Ray renderer, with V-Ray materials, scenes are ready to render (lights, renderer settings, atmospheric effects),
  • Blender - models collection and scenes (no light or render setup),
  • FBX and Obj - exported formats. Textures and UV's are included, there is no scene 2 as OBJ (two much polygons for OBJ), but FBX is complete bundle


FBX and Obj formats works fine, mesh without bugs, textures mapped correctly. Skydome in city scenes are included, no light and atmospheric effects,




The models were made according to the following quality standards:


  • real world scale,
  • mostly quads,
  • each object has only one material assigned to it (no annoying Multi/Sub-Object materials),
  • no duplicated materials and textures in the scene,
  • understandable names of objects, textures and materials,
  • models are well sorted using groups and layers (3ds max) or collections (Blender),



  • collection - 3.118.954 polygons,
  • bonus city scene 1 - 3.849.394 polygons,
  • bonus city scene 2 - 14,298,531 polygons,





There are 161 textures in dimensions:

6400x3600, 5500x3300, 4800x4800, 4400x4400, 3400x3400, 3200x4048, 3600x3600, 2400x1600,
2400x2400, 2200x2200, 2048x2048,
1400x1400, 800x800,2048x6784 (asphalt), 800x618,
1024x1024, 640 x 395, 640 x 318, 512 x 512, 2048 x 6784, 2200 x 726, 4096 x 907, 1600 x 1124, 1600 x 3500,



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Ruined City 3d model