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3ds Max, 3ds Max V-Ray (native format), FBX, OBJ







Complete Scene


This is the best selling terrain 3d model by 3DmKits.


Desert terrain 3d model is the complete 3d scene of landscape - desert with valley surrounded by mountains. Very useful for walk-on ground animations.
The package includes not only the finished scene, but also additional files for further editing and modification.

The ground is not made of one, large texture, but of tileable textures, so ground look good in close up.
It also makes it easy to edit and get different versions of the ground.

The ground is an area of 2,5km x 2,5km.



  • subdivision 0: 62.500 polygons,
  • subdivision 1: 250.000 polygons,
  • subdivision 2: 1.000.000 polygons,
  • whole scene: 62.852 polygons,



The scene comes in the file formats listed below:

  • 3ds Max - standard .max version with standard materials, no light, default renderer, atmosphere, sun,
  • 3ds Max V-Ray - this is a version for V-Ray renderer, with V-Ray materials, scene is ready to render (lights, renderer settings, atmosphere, sun),
  • FBX and Obj - exported formats without light. Textures and UV's are included,


For the exported FBX and OBJ formats, we have prepared terrain model in three versions - low poly, middle poly and high poly.
They have been exported with skydome.
You can also quickly extrude terrain from the included displacement map, just like it was done in 3ds Max.

The model was tested in the Unreal Engine. For real time engines, a ready model or a displacement map can be used.

The images in the gallery have been rendered from the V-Ray version scene. These are raw renders, no post production.



The scene was made according to the following quality standards:

  • no isolated or overlapped vertices,
  • no overlapped faces,
  • no ngons, 100% quads (even skydome),
  • real worlds scale (meters), objects at 100% scale at object level,
  • no extraneous, unnecessary objects etc.



  • each object has only one material assigned to it (no annoying Multi/Sub-Object materials),
  • no duplicated materials and textures in the scene,
  • understandable names of objects, textures and materials,
  • models are well sorted using groups and layers,



- color 1- 8192 x 8192 px,
- color 2 - 8192 x 8192 px,
- color 3 - 4096 x 4096 px,
- blend map 1 - 8192 x 8192 px,
- blend map 2 - 8192 x 8192 px,
- normal map - 4096 x 4096 px,
- specular - 4096 x 4096 px,
- skydome - 6400 x 1600 px,

- displace map for terrain shape - 16384 x 16384 px,

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