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3ds Max, 3ds Max V-Ray (native format), FBX, OBJ





Additional preview – VR Stereoscopic Preview >


 Other cave 3d models:

Cave Pond Scene

Cave Pond – complete scene with pond



CAVE with two entrances - complete environment with editable rocks

Complete Scene



This is complete scene of cave interior, prepared for interior animation. When designing the cave, we wanted to enable the artists to show the interior from various angles.  Therefore the cave have two entries ( please check preview images) so this is big cavern for walk through animations. This is what distinguishes this scene from similar ones on the market.

Cave interior 3d scene. Two entrances, designed for animation.

To add details, we scattered rocks on the ground, there are 20 types of rock models.


The rocks models are not scans, but fully editable 3d models.
By editing the modifier settings (only in 3dsmax), you can freely change the shape of the rocks, creating many additional versions. Useful for additional editing or other projects.
There is no plugin needed. Dimension of cave - 381m x 243m x 78m


  • subdivision 0: 943224 polygons,
  • subdivided as on preview renders (subdivision level 1-3, depending on object): 385833 polygons,



The set includes the following formats:

  • 3ds max - standard .max version with standard materials, there is no light in scene,
  • V-Ray version - this is a version for V-Ray renderer, with V-Ray materials, scene is ready to render (lights, renderer settings),
  • FBX and Obj - exported formats without light. Textures and UV's are included,


For the FBX and OBJ formats, we have exported scene in three versions - low poly, middle poly and high poly.



Scene made without ngons in mesh and to keep low polycount .

  • no isolated or overlapped vertices,
  • no overlapped faces,
  • no ngons, 100% quads,
  • real worlds scale (meters), objects at 100% scale at object level,
  • no extraneous, unnecessary objects etc.



  • each object has only one material assigned to it (no annoying Multi/Sub-Object materials),
  • no duplicated materials and textures in the scene,
  • understandable names of objects, textures and materials,
  • models are well sorted using groups and layers,



There are 73 tesxtures:

  • cave color, specular, bump map - 4096 x 4096 px,
  • cave ground color, normal map - 2200 x 2200 px, 4096 x 4096 px,

For rock models:

  • color  4096 x 4096 px,
  • normal map - 4096 x 4096 px,
  • specular - 4096 x 4096 px,
  • AO (ambient occlusion) - 4096 x 4096 px,
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